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A whole and balanced approach to yoga and life. 


I teach yoga classes and teacher trainings that promote wellness and balance to make you feel better, inside and out.  From the quiet stillness of yin yoga to the sweaty, strong flow of hot vinyasa, we can all find some form of yoga that will help release tension, calm the mind, build strength and allow us to heal. 

Yin Yoga & Meditation

Yin Yoga is a quiet, yet intense practice of long-held seated postures designed to open the deep connective tissues of the body. Find comfort in stillness, which is not always easy in our hectic lives. 

Weekly Classes

Join me for weekly classes at Revel Yoga studio or Powerflow Yoga, both in Chatham.

Vinyasa Flow.  Sweat.  Work hard and experience the grace of moving with breath to build strength inside and out.

Yoga For Athletes is designed to balance and complement the efforts of training and other athelic pursuits on the body. 

New Events

In addition to weekly classes, check out other ways to deepen your yoga practice or simply try something new.

Events include workshops such as Meditation 101, Free yin yoga classes with training Q&As, seasonal pop-up classes. I will also list area events you may find interesting so check back often or sign up for notifications.  

An Inviting Escape



The perfect complement to your cozy sweaters this Fall. Join me for a transformational journey inward to learn about the beautiful and calming practice of Yin Yoga.  During the training you will learn about both the physical and energetic aspects of the Yin practice and become certified to teach yin yoga. It is also suitable for beginners or anyone wishing to learn more about the practice.


We can't wait to see you.


All work and no play would make for a dull yogi! Get your yoga groove on anywhere.  Find ways to live simply, get outside and literally smell the roses - no yoga room required. Nourish the body and soul with new experiences and connections. 

Follw me on Instagram and Facebook to view my work and fun in not only yoga but travel and adventure .  I love it all - earth - sky - water - trees.  In fact, all the photos on this site are my own - no stock photos.  It's amazing the beauty all around us! You might see my crazy kids in there too.  I don't separate yoga from life.  It's all one big happy family.