Yin Yoga Teacher Training

2018 Fall Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Join me this November for a transformational journey inward to learn about the beautiful and calming practice of Yin Yoga and Meditation. During the 30hr training you will learn about the physical and energetic aspects of the Yin practice. This training will allow you to teach yin yoga upon completing the course requirements.  The training is also suitable for beginner and experienced yoga students interested in learning more about yin yoga.  

You will feel yourself naturally drawn to a more yin type practice as the weather cools and we transition to a time of more introspective awareness and quiet fortitude.  This training is based on what I have learned from over 7 years teaching yin yoga, guiding over 150 students through teacher trainings and my personal study of yin yoga by Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers and Bernie Clark. I invite you to learn more below or visit me in person at upcoming free classes and Q&As.  You can also contact me with any questions.  

Training details


• Definition of Yin, its history and philosophy

• Basic structure and function of the skeletal and muscular system

• 26 primary poses including assists, modifications, and use of props

• Sequencing, transition poses, teaching methodology, styles

• Taoist meridian theory including energy channels and chakras

• Mindfulness meditation, breath practice, introduction to yoga nidra.

 • Student-led teaching and practice time

Dates / Times / Location

All classes meet at Revel Yoga studio @ 100 Passaic Ave, Chatham. (Inside the ANNEX Sports Performance Training Center).  Ample parking in back.

          November 2 - 4
          November 16 - 18

          Hours: Fridays 6 - 9:30pm; Saturdays 12 - 4pm; Sundays 11-3pm.  

Cost: $650.  Early bird price of $585 if enrolled by October 10th. 


In addition to the in-person training sessions and lectures,  you will be invited to access the Yin Yoga online Google Classroom.  The classroom will provide supplemental training materials including:

 - Four 75 min Yin classes (video format).  To be completed at your own pace and required for certification.
 - Two 45 min yoga Nidra sessions (audio only). 
 - Two weeks of daily guided meditation to develop your personal meditation practice.
 - Access to some lecture materials for review or missed days.                                                 

Sign me up!

To enroll, please submit your application online. After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email with payment instructions.  Payment must be made in full to reserve your spot in the training. Application deadline is October 29, 2018.  Receive a 50% refund up to 7 days prior to program start.


You will receive a certificate of completion upon meeting the course requirements.  You can submit your hours and copy of certification for continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance.

Certification Requirements:
  - Attendance at weekend training sessions for in-person contact hours
  - Completion of 4 online yin yoga classes
  - Completion of assigned homework, including reading and writing assignments
  - Optional for teachers: online teaching submission of short class for feedback and teaching recommendation



What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is a quiet yet intense practice of long-held seated yoga poses. Body and mind find stillness while the breath flows, creating a sense of balance and harmony.  Nourish the heart and soul while releasing tension, tightness and blocked energy in the deep connective tissues of the body.  

A steady practice of yin yoga has a transformational effect on the body, mind and spirit as it prolongs the health of the joints, generates flow through the energy channels of the body and creates space and relaxation in the mind.

Find Stillness

It's not always easy to slow down and remove ourselves from the schedule of our lives: work, caring for others, or simply existing in the fast pace of the world around us.  I invite you to try Yin, here and now. Sit tall, close your eyes, take 5 slow, deep breaths.  Connect to that breath and create a deep sense of inner awareness and comfort in your true self. Join me weekly for Yin classes or check out my workshops and trainings to dive deeper.